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Super 8
Exciting film experiences with cool retro flair!

Retro technology at its finest

off2 presents digests on original Super 8 projectors from the 1970s. Authentic retro flair away from current, smooth digital projections. An exceptional phenomenon to the current media landscape.

Super 8 in focus

off2 researches and presents the current collector scene. Selected interviews with current and former activists from all over Europe paint the picture of a lively niche format.

Exciting films in unique versions

off2 presents well-known and unknown films in the unbelievable Super-8 style: cut together and vaporized into ultra-short versions of 8 to 51 minutes total length, these fantastic extracts define the cinematic quintessence. This is only available on Super 8!

Information pool

off2 preserves and informs with articles, videos and lectures about the past and current situation of this media-historical gem. With its archive, it offers interested parties access to newspaper articles, images and reviews (currently in German language only).

Why Super 8?

Even before the commercial filmcopy developed into a mass product with the introduction of the videotape, there was already an exclusive offer of film copies for home use. The Super 8 medium already made it possible to play (cinema) films in the private living room as early as the 1970s.

Due to its unique, media-specific aesthetics, off2 preserves this unusual fragment of a media evolution and puts it in the public focus. Similar to (the revival) of the analog record as a counterpoint to the dematerialized audio file, the acetate and polyester based film copy positions itself diametrically to the current digital aesthetics of the high-resolution streaming film.

With its characteristic film grain, the running stripes, the various aging processes, and the form of presentation using mechanical film projectors, the Super 8 film offers a nostalgic, lively film reception and an exceptional film experience.

That’s why Super 8!

In addition to the technical requirements, the current unique position here is based – and especially – on the content-related shortening of the original products: complete cinema movies (due to enormous material costs) condensed to run lengths of 51, 34, 17 or even 8 minutes! The traceability of the plot and the preservation of distinctive moments are always at the center of high-quality compression. In this way, an entertaining dynamic unfolds – even for films to which this property can not actually be attributed …

off2 presents – within a controlled setting – well-known (and now completely unknown) digests, cartoons or documentaries in a completely new old form, reduced to the maximum: whether trash, science fiction, horror, humor or thriller. In cooperation with cultural professionals, off2 organizes creative film evenings that go far beyond a simple projection of film.

off2– flexible, varied and always concise!



Interviews with people working for Super 8

A jewel in the middle of the French capital

In January 2020 there was an opportunity to visit Fred in his Boulevard du Ciné. Before the Corona lockdown, however, Paris was shut down by massive strikes at the time, due to plans to reform the pension system. Local transport had almost completely come to a standstill, and for small businesses and self-employed people whose customers do not come from the pedestrian environment, this restriction was already a difficult situation. . .
Nevertheless, we were received by Fred with an almost contagious optimus and an honest warmth. We talked about his love for the format, his shop and the Super 8 scene in France. A very sympathetic encounter.

Contact: E: | W:

Little commercial of the Boulevard du Ciné at YouTube.

Part I of the interview

Part II of the interview

Part III of the interview

Interview with David Baker

Yes: new Super 8 digests released in 2020! Why, who and where – find all the answers in this great interview with the producer!

Faded colors and a cure for redness

Alberto Vangelisti developed a treatment for color correction of analog film copies. In this interview he talks about his solution:

Popcorn - The Super 8 evening

Moe Habli – who delights his guests with retro Super 8 digests – tells us all about his Super 8 event in this interview:

A Super 8 collector about his hobby

Meet Rainer Gügel, passionate Super 8 digest collector and active at YouTube! He talks about living his hobby, his collection and beeing active with Super 8 as topic in social media.

André Rößler about his documentary

“Coming soon on VHS” is a new documentary about the beginnings of home cinema and the fascination of Super 8/videotapes, written, shot and edited with a lot of heart and soul. André Rößler is the man behind the project…

The Super 8 Show by Thommi Baake

Thommi Baake presents an explosive, unique mix in his full-length „Die Super 8 Show“. With his two old projectors standing in the auditorium and rattling away with pleasure, Thommi shows a potpourri of funny films from the 1960s and 70s.

About the magazin ``Supereighters``

Spaniard Aser Queipo is producing the most colorful, best designed Super 8 digest magazine ever available. off2 talked with him and his co-worker in Germany about their work.

A German analog film fair

Located in a lovely wine region, the village Deidesheim hosts the most importat film fair for analog film enthusisast in Germany! Let`s have a look end meet some participants…

Marketing film founder interview

With the founding of Super 8 distributor Marketing Film in 1972, Manfred Menz brought one of the most important suppliers of high-quality Super 8 film digests to blossom.

Piccolo Film founder interview

The action man from Bavaria speaks about the history of his well known Super 8 company Piccolo Film, one of the largest distributors in Germany.

Digests behind the iron curtain

Home cinema in the GDR – DEFA produced more than 450 200ft (or 100ft) digests on Regular 8 and Super 8. Dr. habil Robert Forster talks about this special topic.

A collectors' point of view

Heiko Krüger, born in the GDR, has a strong relationship to Super 8. Even if he regularly sells his collection, he can’t disconnect a the hobby he always gets back to.

What does a Super-8-technician do?

Mario Gärtner is a specialist for analog film projectors, and he has a special faible for Elmo. Hear (or read…) about his experiences with his work. In addition you’ll find here videos with purchase advice for Super 8 projectors with Mario.

A director cuts his own Super-8-digest

Yes, it’s true: Paul Bunnell, director of „The Gastly Love of Johnny X“ really cut his own movie to a 30 min digest version to be printed on Super 8. You want to know why? In this video he gives you the answer to what makes it so special for him.

The last Super-8-Shops: UK

off2 visited the famous Classic Home Cinema in Cleethorpes, located at the east coast of England, took a look around and talked with the owner, Phil Sheard about the collectors scene in the UK and his business.


More videos in English

All of the following videos about Super 8 are either in fully spoken English language or with reviewed English subtitles. Just click on the image to play the video.


Super 8 commercials

A growing number of Super 8 commercials. Just click on the image to play the video. Yet to see:


Unique visual aesthetics

Unique film versions

Unique entertainment

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