Claus Czaika, founder of Piccolo Film

an interview

The man of action from Bavaria

Commercial training, top model at a young age and founding piccolo film in 1970: Claus Czaika has had an impressive professional career. As one of the pioneers of German home cinema culture, he brought the magic of the big screen into private living rooms, and exclusive contracts with Disney and Universal ensured the transfer of world-famous cinema successes to the smallest film format in the world. As early as 1979, he founded EuroVideo in order to be able to follow the trend towards video cassettes that was starting at the time. In this exclusive interview, Mr Czaika talks about his time as managing director of piccolo film, when cinema successes were marketed on Super 8.

Part 1 of this interview deals with the founding phase of piccolo film, the acquisition of licences and the start of production of film prints on Super 8.

Part 2 about printing labs commissioned by piccolo film, experiences with contract partners from the GDR, the distribution of Super 8 products and the film selection.

Part 3 about the contracts with Disney, Universal 8 and Foto Quelle, the Super 8 competition and the end of Super 8.

Original Piccolo Film commercials

Travel visually and acoustically back to a time when Super 8 was still a mass medium: