Mario Gärtner

The man for cine film technology

What does a Super 8 technician do?

Mario Gärtner has been repairing and modifying film projectors for almost 30 years. In this interview, „Mr Elmo“ talks about his work and his experiences. In other videos, Mr Gärtner gives you practical tips on the subject of film projectors.

Mario Gärtner

Born in 1964, he has been passionate about analogue film since the age of 14.
Mr Gärtner is a trained electronics engineer and worked for 18 years as a layout designer in a semiconductor company until he set up his own business as a specialist for home cinema projectors and digitalisation under the company name „MG Electronic“. Mr Gärtner is known in the scene as a reliable technician who finds a solid solution for every problem and offers complaint-free film projectors.

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