Dr. habil. Ralf Forster

An interview about analogue home cinema in the GDR

off2 Interview on DEFA home cinema

Dr habil. Forster is a film scholar, exhibition director at the Potsdam Film Museum, author and active in many other areas. On his website Schmalfilmkino.de, he gives an insight into his collection and provides information about his activities. off2 spoke to him in detail about the small gauge home cinema of the GDR, which was also cultivated behind the Iron Curtain:

off2 interview about the DEFA home cinema

Interview part 1: The beginning of DEFA home cinema, publications and the technical conditions in the GDR

Interview part 2: Copies for West Germany, digests and sales successes

Interview part 3: Exceptional home cinema titles in the GDR and the end of DEFA home cinema

Short film „Waldeinsamkeit“ (forrest solitude)
Digitisation of the original DEFA Super-8 home cinema reel.